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The Self Made Men is a tool used to serve the transgender male community. On one end, we educate and promote awareness of our existence, needs and normalcy to individuals and groups in both the GLBT and Allied communities. Mirrored to this cause, our biggest concerns lie with the support and mentoring of other transgender people as a resource to transitioning and dealing with everyday life.
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All in one kits are the ideal way to shop for what you need and get everything all in one shipment. Sexual prosthetics can be very expensive. Retail, the Adam by Tantus (found in this kit) is set to an outstanding $109 alone. 

The harness we chose for this kit is the most comfortable, barring RodoeH. And the most able to withstand wear and tear and multiple uses. Set at a typical retail value of $30-$35 in most sexual product stores. 

So hey…. Everything else is free!

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James Deen - Our newest sexual prosthetic on The Self Made Men online store.

The Licker
By Jason Robert Ballard
Available here for $20

Initial Reaction: When I first opened the package, I felt that the texture is REALLY soft. Much softer than the cyberskin, fleshlight feeling I was used to. There is a tiny hole in the base where you can, surprisingly stretch wide enough to put the egg shaped vibration tool into it. This comes with a volume control for intensity.

The tongue on the device is floppy so it bounces around if you make it and the lips are about equal size, so it does look like a mouth, but not a very believable mouth.

Partner Trial: In our defense, we had just received a box of samples and were in a funny mood when we were trying things. As a partner tool, we felt it was a little redundant. Using a mouth shaped toy in her hand wasn’t as fun as just using her mouth, or hand.

Solo Trial: Was very very different. I’m the type of guy that can admit he likes the feeling of vibrations. It was easy for me to imagine that the Licker was another person and not a device. Even if I decided not to fantasize though, the vibrations made it through the toy at a decent intensity and the softness of the cyberskin was really nice in combination. 

I’m keeping this toy as a personal option for myself, if that gives you any clue on how much I recommend this. 

The Downsides: It only comes in vanilla and red… what? It also gathers a fair amount of lint so I would store it somewhere safe and rinse it off regularly. 

Modification: Where the bullet vibrator goes, it would be really easy to insert a longer vibrating device so you could hold it and use a stroking/jacking off motion at the same time. This could help with gender affirmation, and aid to the visual affect of masturbation.

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My last post on the Tantus Pack N’ Play No.1 focused only on packing. I’m back to give you a review of the play aspect.

A partner and I were excited to use this product as I’d talked about packing with it for some time. My partner had nothing but positive remarks to say about the prosthetic. They liked its shape and rigidness and appreciated its lack of odor. It’s size seemed natural as well, visually conforming to their body rather well. In terms of visuals my partner is lighter skinned and the caramel/vanilla flesh of this prosthetic matched them. I’d personally like to have a darker color as I’m more closer to coffee brown than caramel.

Regardless, I too enjoyed the prosthetic. I found the size to be adequate and for those who are not as versed in penetration, it’s at a size of being not too small and not too big. The girth is substantial, but nothing that couldn’t be worked out with lube and patience. The head of the penis is a lot smoother than the shaft, making penetration easier. The flexibility worked great as well. As I was able to be in various positions with great ease.

Clean up was super easy because we used a condom during play. All we had to do was dispose of the condom between play sessions and when we were done wash it with warm water and soap.

I’d definitely recommend this product. It’s a great starter or addition to an experienced consumer. The only thing I would change is getting a color that suited me more. In terms of functionality it works fantastic and gives you the option of packing if you so choose. Great buy in my opinion.



Awesome review on a new product we’re selling in the Adult Store
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I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now. Our sex life is pretty great, but I think I might be interested in trying a strap-on. We briefly talked about it over the summer and she said she didn’t think she was ready and I wasn’t ready, either. But it has been a while since then and I’m thinking about it again. I don’t know how to start that conversation with her. Suggestions?


Dear Waiting to Strap,

There are several ways to do a good ol’ “beat around the bush” approach. I know coming right out and asking to introduce that kind of toy can be tough to get off the tongue. Plus, if it’s the second time you’re asking, the pressure that your partner might feel about being directly asked twice, could make her resilient to an idea she might actually be open for under different context. 

The gateway toy - Try giving her a smaller toy for a present. Presents make them fun and smaller means you judge her reaction on toys and open up a safe space for mixing things up.

The bluetooth method - Named for it’s “hands free” brilliance. A way of mentioning wanting to get a strap on or prosthetic is to comment on the things your hands could be doing when freed up from other activities. 

The over the shoulder - There are a lot of cool new things out there, like the RodeoH harnesses or feeldoes, that you could easily, accidentally get caught looking at… Or send to her to get her feedback on the item. If it’s a positive one, then inquire about possible purchase dates. 

ASK AIDEN - Our 18+ advice columnist 

Share your story and we’ll see what we can do about getting them in our new Adult Store

The Self Made Men is proud to announce our new 18+ site. We have been working on it for several weeks now and really like the way that it’s headed. The idea behind it is sort of a Cosmo for Transmen and the people who love them. There is no reason we can’t include healthy, sexual behavior into our community and culture. We added an adult store, full of penis prosthetics, harnesses, pumps, lotions, lube, anal kits, masturbation devices and more. Myth busters… Partner tips… Some awesome features. 

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