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The Self Made Men is a tool used to serve the transgender male community. On one end, we educate and promote awareness of our existence, needs and normalcy to individuals and groups in both the GLBT and Allied communities. Mirrored to this cause, our biggest concerns lie with the support and mentoring of other transgender people as a resource to transitioning and dealing with everyday life.

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What is more iconic than that American Eagle waist band? Not to mention they’re super comfortable. For a limited time, in a limited amount of styles and colors (for now) we are offering American Eagle underwear with custom packer pouches. These are going to go pretty fast so if you’re thinking about them… Or if you’ve got a special person in your life that could use them, I’d go grab yours!

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Jason Robert Ballard: When I was in middle school, I had a crush on a girl on my school bus. I hung out with her a lot and we were really close. During her birthday party she had a guy she liked and she was chasing him around and giving him a lot of attention and I got upset. The next day and the next couple of weeks were hell for me because her and her friends spread it around that  was a Lesbian. If you remember, being different in general in middle school is hard, forget being LGBT. 

I knew that I liked girls after that point but I knew that wasn’t all of it.

I had made accounts on some chat rooms and I’d been presenting myself as a boy. Dating girls under false pretenses for awhile to explore who I was and what my gender identity was. My mother found out one day and was actually really supportive. She found some resources for me online and printed out a bunch of information on being transgender and we talked about it. She helped me come out to my family, including my father who told her it was just a phase. He soon after stopped talking to me and didn’t share my identity with my younger step brothers. They didn’t know until 7 years later when I friended them on facebook.

There has been positives and negative with all of my family, and friends but mostly positive.

Leo: My mom hacked into my Facebook account and read my coming out letter to a friend so she grounded me and didn’t let me have my laptop, iPod, or cell phone and called me a freak of nature then she called the high school and told them if the counselor talked to me my parents would bring a lawsuit to the school.

Lance: Mine is kind of a trilogy..

The first time I came out, I said “hey mom-” and she interrupted me with, “I know.”

The second time I came out, my parents said they would support me but it would take some time. Nothing changed. 

A year after this, I came out a third time, telling my parents that I wasn’t coming back for Thanksgiving if they didn’t want to make an effort to respect what I had told them about myself. My mother responded with a grand story about how excited she was to have a baby when she was pregnant with me, told me the whole story of my naming and my birth, and placed a lot of blame on me and basically said that it’s up to me if I want to come home, but they don’t think that they’re doing anything wrong.

Cain: I told my best friends first. They were supportive and happy and had been waiting ages for me to accept myself. I came out to my family a few weeks later, after having stress dreams, anxiety, and guilt over hiding it. They asked a lot of questions, but seemed to take it well. Now they just pretend it never happened and never talk about my transition. I think they’re just happy I’m not so angry and depressed all the time.

Briefs with pouches in the for your packers.
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All in one kits are the ideal way to shop for what you need and get everything all in one shipment. Sexual prosthetics can be very expensive. Retail, the Adam by Tantus (found in this kit) is set to an outstanding $109 alone. 

The harness we chose for this kit is the most comfortable, barring RodoeH. And the most able to withstand wear and tear and multiple uses. Set at a typical retail value of $30-$35 in most sexual product stores. 

So hey…. Everything else is free!

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Designed specifically to house a 3.5” or 5” soft packer with a breathable, protective layer between you and the packer. This eliminates most of the sweat and rubber smell, the stickiness and irritation involved with packing with a typical elastic harness.

The pouch is high enough so that the packer won’t fall out or move around when underwear are pulled down or off. It is also set low enough that the packer will rest on the correct position, as to not cause an unrealistic bulge. 

In a test of briefs vs boxers, we’ve found that the tighter the underwear is against the wearer, the less there is a “swinging” effect between the weight of the packer and the movement of the wearer.

Our classic briefs are machine washable.

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Okay, I don’t wanna offend anyone here, I just wanted to show this to everyone

Okay this is my packer I got in the mail today. I wanna just say, HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT DETAIL.

Okay for those who didn’t know, Mr Limpy (this specific brand of packer I got) is made by the company Fleshlight. I got it through The Self Made Men (tumblr here), and I got it a little bit cheaper than you’d get it from the actual company. Mr Limpy is also the cheapest brand, so for how much quality this actually is, I definitely got my money’s worth. If you’re considering buying your own packer, I highly suggest this one because its a good price, and its perfect for a starter.

This specific one I got is 5” (I know, bold choice for a first time user) but after a quick few seconds of adjusting it, It was comfortable and I didn’t walk around waddling like a penguin.

I’m just sitting here admiring the detail though cos, like, for it being so cheap, I didn’t expect it to look this real. It even kinda has that real flesh feeling. My camera kinda sucks, but if you can see, you can see “veins” and detail of what looks pores/very skin like detail. Its awesome.

We asked our Facebook fans to tell us their story in just 6 words, could they do it? We got quiet a few great responses. Follow us on Facebook and catch our next community question.

Marc: Born a girl.. Ain’t no more!

Xand Trans nomadic lover momma’s boy fighter

Collin: He created the life he wanted.

Mooby: I am a Self Made Man

Len: Who am I? Do I know?

Zee I’m a guy who likes socks.

Alexander: Mr life - broken before it started.

Em: Whatever it takes to find me.

Sam: I am journeying to love myself!

Westley: Late bloomer, T, top, finally me

Blake: Me then… Me Now… Pride… Equality

Tyler: Came out, met my wonderful man

Aaron: 40 equals me, finally me. Aaron.

Kyle: A work in progress, assembly needed.

Shane: Sober transman. Grateful, peaceful, mindful

Max: Was a miss-assembled boy; not anymore

Noah: born, grew up, now I’m me

Niko: Born, I have always been myself!

Rawfeyl: Born female, Always artist, Now transman

Junior: Wooden Boy Loses Strings in ‘10

Natalie: Out, proud, transmasculine college student