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The Self Made Men is a tool used to serve the transgender male community. On one end, we educate and promote awareness of our existence, needs and normalcy to individuals and groups in both the GLBT and Allied communities. Mirrored to this cause, our biggest concerns lie with the support and mentoring of other transgender people as a resource to transitioning and dealing with everyday life.
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To our beloved community,
The Binding Health Project is currently seeking participants to take a survey on chest binding. It is intended for female-assigned-at-birth (FAAB) and intersex individuals 18 years and over who have bound or currently bind their chest.

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Our new shipping estimate given to us today - April 5th 2014 - puts the magazine to us by April 26th. We’ve rearranged our deadlines for issues to compensate so that July and every issue after will be on time.

Thank you for your support and understanding as we proudly created our first issue.

Please help this guy out with his top surgery. Shirts are $15 with $5 shipping to the US and Canada. This fund raiser ends April 12th at 11:59pm EDT.

For those of you who have recently placed orders, our shipping guy has been out of town attending trans* conferences for the past couple of weeks. He just sent out a ton of orders, so keep an eye out for those!

For those of you who placed orders a long time ago and still have not gotten your package, please visit this form and fill it out.

As always, we apologize for any delays in shipping. It is extremely difficult for us to get to conferences and give presentations as well as ship hundreds of packages out. We appreciate any patience.


This is a great read from EAT24 that anyone with a Facebook “fan page”, business or event page can relate to.

We remember the days when our Facebook friends actually saw our posts and we weren’t forced to pay money to share a status with the world. We aren’t LEAVING Facebook, but we prefer to connect with our fans via Twitter (@OPMAG), Instagram (@originalplumbing) or right here on Tumblr. Thanks for joining us.

Hey if you could please share this link my boyfriend is selling t-shirts to raise money for his top surgery if you cant donate.. atleast spread the link. Please and thank you.

Remember, the deadline for FTM Magazine’s first Battle of the Beards competition is only a week away! If you identify as female to male transgender/transsexual (even if you’re not on T) and want to show off your beard, send us your picture!

You can find more information here or check out the FaceBook event!



one of my fav things about planned parenthood is that they don’t use gendered words when talking about reproductive health and I just love that

Thank you for noticing! We try to be as gender neutral as possible. But we’re not perfect — we do mess up sometimes.  So if that happens, feel free to kindly private message us and let us know. We might not be able to respond, but we’re always listening.


Mondays are now FTM Magazine nights in the The Self Made Men Tinychat! 7-9pm EST. Come talk about what you want to see in the magazine and how excited you are to see the first issue!


I just subscribed to FTM magazine!! I can’t wait to get it in the mail!!! :D

My twin brother is making a short film about the experience of transman. It is based off of my transition and the struggles my family and I have faced. I would be eternally grateful. Thanks!

We were asked to advertise for this, and since it can be a great help to our community, we would love to share this kickstarter. Note: Kickstarters work in a way such that none of the funds are given to the cause unless the goal is met.


Hey everyone,

We have had a couple of people ask when perks from the Kickstarter for the magazine will be sent out. We are going to send out all of the perks when we send out the first issue, so be on the lookout the first couple of weeks of April!

We cannot thank everyone enough for helping this dream become a reality.